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My dear friends,
Let me tell you my story.  One day, when I was in a seminar, and waiting on a bus for all the other people to arrive so we could leave, a lady was knitting her socks with 5 short needles. I was surprised to see it and told her so.  Then she asked me if I knitted or not.  I said, "No."  "Why not?" she said.  "I don't have time." So she said, "you have time right now!" bingo...  I would never have thought about that.

I was a knitter and crocheter when I was young.  My grandma taught me how to do it.  I knitted everything from my head to my toe; hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters, pants, socks, etc....  After I grew older, and started my "real" business, I stopped knitting.

I re-started knitting from 2 years ago, after I met another woman who founded a non-profit organization called "women4women-knitting4peace."  It inspired me so much that I picked up knitting needles again.  This time I am not knitting for myself, but for others.

Now I am so happy that I have begun anew and can still continue doing it.

Our website offers two different aspects of our business:

  • The products we sell
  • The products we  donate

So, Lily Rainbow Knitting & Embroidery is based on the belief that the customers' needs are of the utmost importance.  We are committed to meeting those needs.

We also would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service from Lily Rainbow Knitting & Embroidery.

You can send a request on the "Contact Us" page to tell me what you like based on the pictures I provided on the website. I will get back to you and offer my best service.

The products we sell:

Lily Rainbow Knitting & Embroidery  sells the products we knit and crochet - to people who like to purchase and use them for themselves.  We also offer the chance for customers to ask for a particular piece that they would like, and we would make it for them.

The products we donate:

Lily Rainbow Knitting & Embroidery
welcomes anyone who is interested in participating in the donation aspect. Please join us and work together.  The Peace Pod New York City was found in 4/30/2011, and is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York.  We have meetings monthly and knit together.  Our products were donated to more than 20 countries for  women and children.

We like to offer you our best

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